Stop motion promo created during the NID annual fiesta to support our team, theme being air/ wind. Chayan’s quick sketches on the whiteboard gave life to Atlas in a matter of less than an hour and the recently happened sound course helped me give sound to it rather quickly and effectively too !!!


And another one !! Cutout animation with Manasi Aggarwal and Aanchal Mehta. Another fun experiment in syncing sound to visuals with Joker and the Thief by Wolfmother adding the fun punch in the end !!

So..what if benches were perishable ? or better still what if they were edible?  : D Bored of sitting on a bench, waiting? Just break a bit and nibble on some !!  Hee..Reminds me of the magic faraway tree tales by Enid Blyton !! : D

In the course of exploring seating transit spaces and the kind of interactions it could have with the people waiting, started thinking of fun benches with behaviors, seats that would respond,react and make the wait period a little more fun , a little less annoying.

An arbit fun ‘NO-BRAINER’ experiment on the same lines !!! : )

Music Credits : Dust Shuffle by Brian Eno.

The much awaited sound design course kicked off last week, with introduction to basics of music composition and theory, guided by Anup Phukan. The tool we got started off with was Audition, led me to some random explorations using the loop files. Here are a couple of them.

Am having fun. Want to get started with Fruity Loops soon.

Participated in a 48 hour Service Design Challenge,Victoria India Service Design Jam , held from 21 – 22 July 2011 as part of the State of Design Festival. The event was held at the Royal Exhibition Buildings, Carlton, with Indian participants joining in via skype in the locations Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

The broad theme was Social Innovation and brief given as Design for Growth.

The final concept video submitted.

We were a large team of 7 and had a brilliant time working on this challenge.

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Days interspersed with experiments in Processing, inspired from Brendan Dawes, Bezier curves and Eduardo Jimenez (on OpenProcessing).





Next on agenda: More beziers  plus Lissajous Spirals

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A thought is an idea in transit.


Extensive research last week culminated in me narrowing down on public spaces. In that zone i started looking into urban mobility and spaces like the bus stops and metro stations, places where we spend so much of our time everyday, waiting, yet feel no connect to the place. Was reminded of the famous quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson-So much of human life is lost in waiting.”

That led to the thought of transit zones. Places where we are in transition.The in-between zones.They are empty spaces in terms of the activities associated with them, for the only actions they induce are the ones generated from waiting. What is it about them? The quality of space, the interactions that take place, or don’t take place? The behaviors and actions associated with them.

Have not particularly defined if they’d be bus stops. They could be. Or they might not even be…